Since a January 19th announcement by Recall Dunleavy that efforts have renewed to remove Governor Dunleavy from office, Alaskans have responded quickly and vigorously with over 10,000 requests for mail-in petitions during regular outreach sessions.

Erin Jackson, Recall Dunleavy volunteer coordinator, organizes the outreach. “Due to Covid, signature-gathering takes more time—we’re holding fewer in-person events and instead we get this amazing opportunity to reach out to our fellow Alaskans directly by phone or text, let them know the recall is so close to getting on the ballot, answer their questions and get them a petition in the mail,” Jackson said. “The fact that we had over 10,000 Alaskans express enthusiastic support for signing via this more labor-intensive strategy is very telling.”

The recall effort will hold outreach sessions multiple times per week until all the required signatures are gathered. “We expect Alaskans to continue requesting petitions in large numbers,” said Jackson. “As word spreads that the recall has rebooted, more and more people will get in touch to request a mail-in petition.”

News of the reboot has also brought an inpouring of donations from individual Alaskans who want to help pay for the extra costs associated with the recall’s necessarily paper- and postage-intensive form of signature collection. “People see that Covid has made signature-gathering more of a challenge, that we have to print tens of thousands of individual booklets and buy postage for them,” said the effort’s fundraiser, Beth Short-Rhoads. “Each one of these donations is a sign that Alaskans are determined to make this recall happen, pandemic or no.”

Alaskans interested in helping raise funds to print petitions can visit The recall effort now has over 50,000 verified signatures of the 71,252 required and is on track to submit them to the Division of Elections in March.