With a vaccine on the horizon and the November election finished, Alaskans are turning their attention back to the recall. Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be collecting the final 22,000 petition signatures. Thanks to super volunteer Pat Race who created our new “reboot” graphics. Here is his letter to fellow recall supporters.

Dear Friends & Family & Long Lost Acquaintances,

I’m leaning into the effort to reboot the Recall Dunleavy campaign this next few weeks. When the pandemic hit, our recall effort went into a necessary hibernation. All of us volunteers turned our attention to health, safety, and trying to save our little comic shops from closing. It was an understandable slow-down for a largely volunteer effort.

But it’s time to get this done. The Alaska Supreme Court validated the recall effort this summer and confirmed that Governor Dunleavy violated our state constitution, broke the law and misspent state funds. But he will suffer zero consequences if we don’t hold him accountable.

Right now we only need to gather 22,000 signatures to put this to a special election. It’s a realistic goal that we can achieve in the next 6-8 weeks. But we need individual and institutional support to rebuild momentum. We need regional and statewide leaders to step up and help us visibly support this effort. And more than anything, we need ink on paper.

I think a successful recall in Alaska would be a rebuke of bad faith governance, and a rebuke of a governor who hides from the press and refuses to engage with citizens except in the most filtered discussions.

It’s easy to do nothing, to let this slide, to just ride it out for another two years. But we’ve been reminded this week of what happens when we let things slide, when there are no consequences.

Here’s a roundup of Governor Dunleavy’s actions over the first half of his term, I hope you’ll take a minute to look it over and remember what he’s put us through and then think about what the next two years could bring:  https://recalldunleavy.org/why/

Don’t call it a comeback,

Pat Race
Recall volunteer