About the Recall

Who We Are - Why We're Here


Recall Petition booklets are here and we must all now sign again (and bring two friends)! Click to find the nearest opportunity to sign. Everyone who signed in the application phase (phase 1 in summer 2019) must now sign in the petition phase (phase 2 in winter 2020).

Anchorage Superior Court reversed the state’s wrongful rejection of our recall application, and we’re headed to Alaska Supreme Court on March 25, 2020, for final validation of our grounds for recall. 

Recall Dunleavy is a broad, nonpartisan, Alaskan-based, grassroots-driven effort to recall Governor Michael J. Dunleavy.

We are urban and rural Alaskans, Republicans, Democrats, and independents. We are Alaska Native organizations and business leaders, bankers, educators, and nonprofits. We are Labor and environmentalists, lawyers and medical professionals, students and artists. We are a broad constituency of Alaskans who care about the health and well-being of Alaska’s people and economy. We stand together to call for the recall of Governor Dunleavy for his neglect of duties, incompetence, and lack of fitness, and we respectfully ask you to join us.

Recall Campaign Co-chairs

  • Joseph E. Usibelli Sr., Chairman of the Board, Usibelli Coal Mine, Inc.
  • Vic Fischer, former Democratic state senator and delegate to the 1955 Alaska Constitutional Convention
  • Arliss Sturgulewski, former Republican state senator from Anchorage

Recall Dunleavy

  • Meda DeWitt, Chair

For more information about the recall process, head to the FAQ page.