First-ever Alaskan petition campaign of its kind

On May 13, 2020, Recall Dunleavy mailed recall petition booklets to more than 20,000 Alaskans to sign and return. Ads announcing the arrival of petitions in the mail have launched on television and radio stations across the state.

“Winning in Alaska Supreme Court has energized Alaskans to sign the petition at home as soon as possible,” said Aaron Welterlen, Steering Committee Member. “When we collect another 40,000 signatures this summer, Alaskans will send one unified message together: we deserve a competent governor who respects the constitution and is equipped to lead us through a full economic recovery.”

Petitions are in transit to application signers who have not yet signed the recall petition in 2020. Mailed petition booklets contain an instructions sheet, a petition booklet containing a signature page for up to 15 signers, a prepaid envelope for convenient return, and an “I Signed” sticker.

“This has never been done before,” said Claire Pywell, Campaign Manager. “Every signature is a critical step towards accomplishing something huge for Alaska. Together, we’re making history by collecting more signatures than any people-powered campaign in the state’s history.”

Recall Dunleavy is currently gathering petition signatures from more than 71,252 Alaskan voters. Once signatures are turned into the Division of Elections, the state has 30 days to verify them and determine the date of an election 60 to 90 days following certification.

Alaskans who do not receive a petition booklet in the next week may request one via mail using the simple form on the website.