ANCHORAGE, AK—Today Recall Dunleavy’s legal team filed a complaint in Anchorage Superior Court, appealing Attorney General Kevin Clarkson’s rejection of the recall application.

“Attorney General Clarkson’s rejection was completely expected. After all, he was one of Governor Dunleavy’s chief advisors as he took the radical and unacceptable actions that gave rise to the recall. Rather than provide the Division of Elections with independent counsel as he should, Clarkson took it on himself to essentially grade his own homework. It should come as no surprise he gave himself a passing grade,” said Scott Kendall, Counsel to Recall Dunleavy. “Today, we move forward. We appeal this rejection on behalf of the 49,000 Alaskans who signed on to exercise their constitutional right to remove Governor Dunleavy from office.”
The number of signatures submitted as part of the recall application was the most ever to be confirmed by the Division of Elections. A whopping 46,405 signatures – 95 percent of those submitted – were verified as qualified voters and count toward the technical requirements of the recall application.

“This record demonstrates the level of commitment that our volunteers have put into this effort,” Meda DeWitt, Chair of Recall Dunleavy, said. “To an entirely unprecedented degree, Alaskans are demonstrating broad, nonpartisan support for the recall, standing tall to engage directly in the political process to put our state back on track.”

Once the application is certified by the courts, Recall Dunleavy will begin collecting 71,252 petition signatures to qualify for advancement to the ballot, or 25% of the total number of qualified voters who participated in the last general election.