Signature gathering to begin within days

ANCHORAGE, AK—Today the Alaska Supreme Court lifted the stay on the January 10th superior court order granting Recall Dunleavy victory. Accordingly, the State is now under an order to begin printing and distributing signature petition booklets immediately. The Recall effort now moves into Phase 2 of the process—gathering over 71,000 signatures—and advancing this historic movement to remove the current governor.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to Alaska! Petition booklets will soon be distributed across Alaska and all qualified, registered Alaskan voters can make their plan to sign again and bring two friends,” said Meda DeWitt, Chair of Recall Dunleavy. “Stay tuned for the nearest location to sign the official petition.”

From the Supreme Court’s Order:

“The statutes governing recall elections impose certain deadlines apparently intended to ensure an expedited process. The loss of several months of signature-gathering in this process is at least a ‘not inconsiderable’ injury.”

A separate notice will soon follow with a briefing schedule for a final decision in this appeal.