Unlike Governor Dunleavy, we speak directly to you. Recall Dunleavy remains a broad, bipartisan, Alaskan-driven movement of people who care too much about our state to watch this governor cause irreversible economic harm and social distress to our home.

This Governor lacks a basic understanding of his own constituents and what we care about: respect for separation of powers, responsible planning for economic stability, and competent decision making that makes Alaska a great place to live. His partisan lies and misguided appeals to out of state news outlets only serve as further proof that this recall is critical to getting our state back on track.

We cannot ignore Governor Dunleavy’s recent push to spread misinformation about us and appeal to media in the Lower 48, rather than speaking with Alaskans about the issues our state faces. Contrary to what Dunleavy’s telling Outside media, this movement is not fueled by “special interests.” We are regular Alaskans; and we are Alaskans before we are Republicans, Democrats, Nonpartisan, or Unaffiliated voters.

Soon we will all have the opportunity to sign a second time during the petition phase of this movement. We are counting on Alaskans to stand tall to recall Governor Mike Dunleavy, whose extreme actions have unequivocally demonstrated that he is the wrong man for the job.

For Alaska,

Joe Usibelli Sr., Co-Chair
Arliss Sturgulewski, Co-Chair
Vic Fischer, Co-Chair

Aaron Welterlen, Steering Committee Member
Barbara Donatelli, Steering Committee Member
Bruce Jamieson, Steering Committee Member
Derek Reed, Steering Committee Member
Jerry Sadler, Steering Committee Member
Jim Dodson, Steering Committee Member
Jon Cook, Steering Committee Member
Joelle Hall, Steering Committee Member
Meda DeWitt, APOC Chair, Steering Committee Member
Mike Mason, Steering Committee Member
Vince Beltrami, Steering Committee Member

Media Contact: Claire Pywell