Phase 2 Petition Signatures

November 17th

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Sign the Petition in 2020!

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All registered Alaska voters may now request a personal household Recall petition booklet by mail.

If you or an Alaskan you know who wishes to sign but does not want to provide cell or email address to the campaign, email your booklet request to Thanks!

Sign at Home!


STEP 1: Use the form above to request a personal petition booklet to SIGN AT HOME.

These booklets will each contain one signature page, along with all legally required information. 

  • If you or household members have already signed the phase 2 recall petition (everyone who signed in summer 2019 MUST sign again in 2020), you may request one to collect signatures from neighbors and friends!
  • Any qualified, registered Alaskan voter may request and sign a petition.

STEP 2: Sign the petition at home. 

Collect signatures of every registered voter in your household who has not already signed the recall petition. We ask all Alaskans to adhere to guidance from the CDC; do not collect signatures in group settings of more than 10 people.

    • In order for each signature to count, every signer must print legibly and write their FULL address, including city, state and zip code.

Please do not damage your booklet. This includes disassembling your booklet, exposing it to water damage, or making any notes outside of the required content in each signature line.

STEP 3: Self-Certify the booklet and return your petition booklet by mail as soon as possible. Each booklet will come with a postage envelope for returning the booklet to the campaign. Instructions for self-certification included.

Want to sign the petition in person?

Join us for one of our upcoming Drive-Through or pop-up Signature Gathering Events.
Discover locations where you can sign in your area.

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