ANCHORAGE, AK—The Recall Dunleavy group is challenging the Division of Elections’ decision to deny its application to begin collecting signatures in the second phase of the recall process. The application was signed by 49,006 Alaskans and submitted in September 2019.

“Without question, the recall application submitted to the Division of Elections meets the standard under Alaska law. This rejection is without basis, and we will now turn to the courts for a remedy. We do so with confidence that we will receive fair treatment and we will prevail,” said Jahna Lindemuth, Counsel to Recall Dunleavy. “Alaskans should expect a prompt resolution of this dispute. The recall will continue forward.”

Once the application is certified by the courts, the group can begin collecting the 71,252 signatures necessary to put the recall to a vote. Petition booklets will be distributed across the state to communities that eagerly await the opportunity to sign again in the second phase of the recall movement.

“We’re grateful for the overwhelming support we continue to see from Alaskans who share the concerns about the damage that this Governor is doing to our state. Alaskans will have the chance to stand tall and make their voices heard. It is heartening that Alaskans from across the political spectrum give this effort its strength and momentum,” said Derek Reed, Recall Dunleavy Steering Committee member.