Yesterday at 11:00 am, the recall held a press conference, resulting in newspaper, television, and radio coverage across Alaska and around the lower 48.

During the press conference, Meda DeWitt, Recall Dunleavy chair, cited the distribution of Covid vaccines and a greater understanding of Covid safety as the reasons motivating Alaskans to finish the signature-gathering process. “We have a new energy flooding in from Alaskans,” she said. “We’ve already made it to 50,000 [signatures]. We have 22,000 to go.”

Scott Kendall, legal counsel for the effort, gave an update that Alaskans might have missed during the initial hunker down phase of the pandemic. “There were certain violations—failure to appoint a judge, separation of powers violation, ethical violations—the Alaska Supreme Court upheld those violations. There is no legal barrier remaining to the recall. There is no legal recourse to stop it.”

Addressing the renewed urgency that Alaskans are expressing for finishing the recall, steering committee member Vince Beltrami said “There has been a growing, urgent demand again to say ‘It’s time to get back on this horse.’ This [recall] has been and will continue to be a check on this governor trying to eviscerate Alaska. All the reasons we engaged in this from the beginning are still valid.”

Recall volunteer Pat Race said the ongoing recall effort comes down to accountability. “If we don’t do something about this pattern of illegal activity and bad faith governance, if we don’t hold [the governor] accountable, no one will.”

Of the 71,252 signatures required, the recall effort has 50,000 signatures verified and ready to submit to the Division of Elections. Alaskans who didn’t sign in 2020 can add their signature by visiting to request a petition or by calling (866) SIGN4AK (866-744-6425). Recall Dunleavy expects to collect the remaining 22,000 signatures by mid-March.