Commemorative Piece Honors Historic 2019-2020 Era in Alaska

Five renowned Alaskan artists have joined forces to commemorate this historic time in our state, releasing a limited edition print that brings together a diversity of styles and perspectives. The Alaska Endures commemorative print unites the work of Alvin Amason, Ray Troll, Sara Tabbert, Karen Olanna, and Steven Gordon, each of whom contributed an image depicting a strong and resilient Alaska. Proceeds of the limited run of 100 signed copies will go to Recall Dunleavy.

“We don’t always recognize history until we’re on the other side of it,” said project coordinator Beth Short-Rhoads. “That makes this piece unique—it reminds us that history is unfolding right before our eyes. Political upheaval, a major economic shift due to falling oil prices, and the biggest public health crisis our state has ever known have drawn a line that we’re collectively navigating.”

Alaska Endures brings together five artists each from a different region of the state, working in various mediums. While Alvin Amason from Southwest Alaska is nationally recognized for his bold acrylic images of wildlife, Ray Troll from Southeast is famous for his fish-centric graphic style. The Interior-based Sara Tabbert depicts nature in wood block prints, Karen Olanna from the Arctic is a printmaker focusing on myth and legend, and Steven Gordon from Southcentral works in oil to portray large-scale landscapes.

This print reminds Alaskans they’ve stood beside each other in historic times, across regions, from one challenge to the next. Alaska Endures reflects the interdependent nature of our state with diverse and vibrant images that beautifully compliment each other, making a statement about fortitude and also unity. Alaskans belong together.

No part of Alaska remains untouched by recent events. Interested parties may purchase a signed, limited edition Alaska Endures commemorative print by visiting or by calling (907) 738-9942.