After six months of wrongful delay, thousands celebrate

On May 8, 2020, Recall Dunleavy’s grounds were ruled legal by the Alaska Supreme Court. Thousands of Alaskans can now celebrate this long-awaited confirmation across the state and advance the biggest signature collection campaign in the state’s history.

“Together, Alaskans have prevailed in court and won after months of wrongful delays,” said Meda DeWitt, Recall Dunleavy Chair. “We’ve known since day one that we have the constitutional right to express our collective will and vote. The Alaska Supreme Court validated our grounds detailing the governor’s clear violation of the separation of powers, illegal and partisan misuse of state funds, and disturbing errors in executing his constitutionally mandated duties.”

The Committee will now collect over 40,000 more signatures to gather a total of over 71,252 required during the petition phase, or phase two, of the recall. Once these signatures are turned into the Division of Elections, the state has 30 days to verify all those submitted and determine the date of an election.

“It’s go time,” said Claire Pywell, Campaign Manager. “We need 40,000 Alaskans to step up and sign the recall petition as soon as possible. Alaskans who signed the application in 2019 must sign the petition again in 2020. Together we will continue to make history and get our state on track for the recovery ahead.”

Recall Dunleavy has made at-home signature gathering possible with a short form on its website: