With a vaccine being distributed throughout the state, Alaskans are surging back to the recall to help gather signatures. Volunteer coordinator Erin Jackson is fielding new emails every day and has these thoughts to share.

“Going forward, the only thing that matters is putting ink to paper,” Jackson said.  “There are tens of thousands Alaskans out there that are ready to sign this petition, it is our job to give them the opportunity.”

Jackson outlines the following ways to volunteer. Booklet Follow-ups – This is different from cold calling people and trying to get them involved.  We are chasing booklets, so we want you to call ten folks that have requested booklets and follow up continually until they submit their booklet or they tell you to bug off! Plus this is a great way to make friends.  Once you have confirmation your 10 signatures have submitted, you log back into the phone bank so you can make 10 more friends.  And if you feel like you can handle more than 10 folks at a time, keep on rolling.  We just ask that you follow up with your list once a week.

If you are interested in phone banking, please click here, fill out the form and Brendan will contact you with phone bank information.

Hosting a petition – have folks come to you! If you have a SAFE place to collect signatures, we will create a list of folks with contact name, phone number and addresses to distribute to those that are interested in signing in person.  This is a great way for small businesses and community groups to get involved in supporting the effort. You can host it at your home but ONLY if you are okay with the general public your address.

If you are interested in hosting a book, please click here, fill out the form and Erin will contact you to get you signage and put you on the distribution list.

Pop-Ups/Signature Gathering – go to where the people are. Each Alaskan is empowered to gather signatures. Anyone can request a booklet and grab 15 signatures.  Click here to request a mini-booklet.

If you want to host a signature gathering and need signage/swag and would like to advertise a location on our website, email erin@recalldunleavy.org.

Share everything Recall on Social Media – Click HERE if you would like to be on #TEAMRECALL. This team will be raising awareness on social media.  We want folks to know how close we are and where they can sign.

Letters to the Editor – Writers Wanted! If you’re interested in writing a letter to the editor or even an OpEd, click here for more information or email beth@recalldunleavy.org.