The Damage

Readers asked for an accounting of the damage done by Governor Dunleavy to our state.

At his 2 year anniversary, we bring you our master list:

TO BE CONTINUED until we reach the recall election…

Recall Dunleavy

Dear friends and neighbors,

We take seriously our obligation to build and sustain communities so that Alaskans thrive. We know that using resources wisely requires long-term planning and plenty of listening. Governor Dunleavy’s sudden, severe, and sometimes illegal budget cuts have caused tremendous harm to Alaska and Alaskans.

Governor Dunleavy has put forward a long list of vetoes, saying we cannot afford access to medical care, access to a properly funded university, access to art and culture.  The governor would have us neglect our obligations to elder care and Head Start, to shelter for the homeless. The governor thinks we cannot afford to fund scholarships that Alaska’s brightest students have worked hard to earn, scholarships already awarded.

With careful planning, we can afford all those things.
What we cannot afford is for Governor Dunleavy to remain in office.

His brief time as governor has brought us an atmosphere of fear and distress, as people worry about whether they will be able to care for special-needs children or whether they will lose their jobs, their homes, and their ability to live in Alaska.

We cannot allow a governor who doesn’t understand the concept of the separation of powers to remain in power.  He cannot be allowed to attack the judiciary because courts make decisions he doesn’t like. He cannot be allowed to keep the legislature from upholding its constitutional responsibilities to fund programs that provide for the health, education, and well-being of Alaska’s people.

We cannot trust a governor who uses state funds for his own political gain.

Alaska’s finest legal experts have drafted a petition stating the reasons we must recall Governor Dunleavy.

We respectfully ask you to join us in the recall process.

Petition Language

Statement of Grounds: Neglect of Duties, Incompetence, and/or Lack of Fitness, for the following actions:

  • Governor Dunleavy violated Alaska law by refusing to appoint a judge to the Palmer Superior Court within 45 days of receiving nominations.
  • Governor Dunleavy violated Alaska Law and the Constitution, and misused state funds by unlawfully and without proper disclosure, authorizing and allowing the use of state funds for partisan purposes to purchase electronic advertisements and direct mailers making partisan statements about political opponents and supporters.
  • Governor Dunleavy violated separation-of-powers by improperly using the line-item veto to: (a) attack the judiciary and the rule of law.
  • Governor Dunleavy acted incompetently when he mistakenly vetoed approximately $18 million more than he told the legislature in official communications he intended to strike. Uncorrected, the error would cause the state to lose over $40 million in additional federal Medicaid funds.

References: AS 22.10.100; Art. IX, sec. 6 of Alaska Constitution; AS 39.52; AS 15.13, including .050, .090, .135, and .145; Legislative Council (31-LS1006); ch.1-2, FSSLA19; OMB Change Record Detail (Appellate Courts, University, AHFC, Medicaid Services).

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10,000 More Alaskans Request Recall Petitions

10,000 More Alaskans Request Recall Petitions

Since a January 19th announcement by Recall Dunleavy that efforts have renewed to remove Governor Dunleavy from office, Alaskans have responded quickly and vigorously with over 10,000 requests for mail-in petitions during regular outreach sessions.

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Recall Reboot Press Conference Gains State and National Coverage

Recall Reboot Press Conference Gains State and National Coverage

On January 19, Recall Dunleavy held a press conference, resulting in newspaper, television, and radio coverage across Alaska and around the lower 48. Recall Dunleavy chair Meda DeWitt cited the distribution of Covid vaccines and a greater understanding of Covid safety as motivation for Alaskans to finish gathering signatures. “We have a new energy flooding in from Alaskans.”

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Surge of volunteer engagement leads the Recall Reboot

Surge of volunteer engagement leads the Recall Reboot

With a vaccine being distributed throughout the state, Alaskans are surging back to the recall to help gather signatures. “There are tens of thousands Alaskans out there that are ready to sign this petition, it is our job to give them the opportunity.”

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